Allan Domb for Philadelphia.

Allan Domb is running for mayor because Philadelphia is in crisis and needs a leader who has the experience and vision needed to take on our biggest challenges.

As Mayor, Allan will never give up on our city or its people.


Taking on Philadelphia's biggest challenges

A focus on results, not ideology

"I am running for mayor because our city is in crisis – we have a public safety crisis, a poverty crisis, an education crisis and a crisis of affordable housing. Most importantly, we have a crisis of leadership.

I know that together we can build a Philadelphia where every neighborhood is safe, every child receives a quality education, and our residents have access to good, family-sustaining jobs and affordable housing."

A proven problem solver

Allan is running for Mayor because he understands that Philadelphia is in crises -- we have a public safety crisis, a poverty crisis, an affordable housing crisis and an education crisis.

But most importantly, the city faces a crisis of leadership, with a mayor who seems to have quit on it and leaders in City Hall who too often focus on the wants of special interests rather than the needs of all residents and workers.

As someone who built a successful business before twice being elected to City Council, Allan will bring a results focused skill set and perspective to the Mayor's office.

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